Cisco UCS Platform Emulator

The Cisco Unified Computing System has continued to gain marketshare and mindshare in  the marketplace. One of the unique features offered is the UCS Platform Emulator which allows for running a large number of the hardware components of UCS in a purely virtualized environment. This emulator makes it possible to discover how to navigate the user interface, provision servers, and test application integrations without using physical UCS hardware. It’s also possible to load live UCS configuration information in to the emulator for test/development/staging needs. And the best part…it’s free!!

Virtualized components include:

• Fabric interconnects
• I/O adapters (fabric extenders)
• Cisco integrated management controllers (CIMC)
• Chassis management controllers (CMC)
• VMware vCenter Server virtual machines (through VM port profiles)
• Cisco server utility OS

The software is available as a free download and is packaged as a virtual machine package so you’ll need VMware Player at a minimum.

The software and relevant documentation are available here