Cisco Cius Tablet

The newly released, and now shipping, Cisco Cius tablet is a business-ready Android based tablet tailored for business applications. Some people have wondered why Cisco would choose to enter the tablet market when so many others are already shipping tablets running Android. Simply put Cisco is making the tablet enterprise friendly and interoperable with existing technology investments. The hardware and software have been designed to seamlessly offer high quality audio, video, and application access when roaming on a WiFi or 3G connectivity. This means that users can expect audio and video conferencing to operate as well when using their Cius as when they are using a hard-wired video endpoint. Applications access can be controlled through integrated management software.

Cisco is also shipping a docking station that looks somewhat like a laptop docking station with the addition of a handset. The docking station includes USB, network, video output, and audio output for integration with desktop peripherals. When adding a handset to the Cius the device is transformed in to a desktop phone. Due to the peripheral connectivity the Cius can act as a fully featured virtual desktop client.

More information can be foundĀ here