AnyConnect Copyright Message

I was recently helping a client try to change a very basic setting for their remote access VPN users. This setting is known as the “Copyright Panel” and is displayed just below the username and password fields as shown below. The client wanted to simply remove the “Copyright 2018” text completely.

To my surprise this setting is located under the “Clientless SSL VPN Access” section of the “Remote Access VPN” configuration within ASDM. Clientless SSL VPN normally refers to using the browser based VPN portal and not the AnyConnect client. See below for a screen shot of where this setting can be changed.

To find this within ASDM navigate to:

Configuration -> Clientless SSL VPN Access -> Portal -> Customization -> Select the appropriate customization assigned to your VPN connection on the right pane -> Click Edit -> Under Logon Page go to Copyright Panel -> Enable or disable Display copyright panel, and enter your copyright message in the text box.