The One That Didn’t Make It

My blogs are traditionally technology focused, but there’s another side of my life outside of IT where I’m active in pet rescue (fostering, volunteering at clinics, etc.) and I felt I needed to share this story. I just returned from spending three days on the Red Lake Reservation in Northern Minnesota and just hours after some of us departed a newborn puppy was brought to us by an incredibly kind woman. The story of a puppy named Chance (in the words of the eloquent Kim).

It wasn’t his fault his family abandoned his momma and her babies.
It wasn’t his fault his momma didn’t receive proper nutrition.
It wasn’t his fault he was the runt.
It wasn’t his fault that winter came early to the rez.
It wasn’t chance that today, a kind woman scooped him up after his momma and littermates took off in search of food.
It wasn’t chance we were on the rez running our last spay/neuter clinic of the year.
It wasn’t chance the kind lady brought him to us.
It wasn’t chance that Dr. Kim was still on-site.
He was weak, dehydrated, and starving, but he was holding on.
I held out hope that there was a chance we could help him pull through.
I wrapped him in a warm blanket and held him, told him he was loved.
I agreed with the vet that he wouldn’t be able to survive the 5 hour trip to the metro.
I held him and gave him what every puppy deserves. I gave him unconditional love and a name. His name was Chance.
Chance crossed over being loved. He crossed over with someone crying about his far too brief time on this planet. Chance crossed over today, and he will be missed.

This is the heartbreak of rescue. This is the cost of falling in love a thousand times. This is the cost that rescue warriors pay. Doing what we can, one dog at a time trying to make the world better and more safe for canine companions.

Chance, you were loved, and you will be missed. I and others in rescue will continue in your memory. Celebrating our victories and mourning our losses.

Run free little man, no more hunger and no more pain, only joy for you little one, only joy.