Web Based Network Diagramming Tool – Gliffy

I recently discovered the excellent web based diagramming tool named Gliffy. You can think of it as a web based version of Microsoft Visio at a high level. In addition to network diagrams you can create flowcharts, org charts, sitemaps, user interface diagrams, etc. The import/export functionality works well and even supports importing Visio VDX files (not VSD though). Gliffy offers smooth integration with Google Drive.

A free account offers you the ability to test drive the capabilities of their platform with a few limitations including:

  • Total diagrams are limited to 5
  • Storage is limited to 2 MB
  • Inability to create private diagrams (everything you create is viewable by anyone)

I encourage you to take their tool for a test drive at http://www.gliffy.com/


2 thoughts on “Web Based Network Diagramming Tool – Gliffy

  1. Have you tried Creately ?. It’s also web based and I started using it when AWS evangelists started promoting it. Does a very good job with AWS diagrams. One problem is it doesn’t work on iPad. Do you use Gliffy on iPad ?

    • Thanks for sharing this. I had not tried Creately, but I just took a quick look and it appears that their site uses Flash which is why it doesn’t work on iOS devices. Gliffy uses HTML5, but I’ve tried using Gliffy on iOS using both Safari and Chrome and it never seems to finish loading.

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