Cisco 890 Series Router

I had a customer ask some very relevant questions about the Cisco 891W router yesterday and found the answers to be a little harder than expected to find so I thought it would make an informative blog entry.

The first question was related to how the integrated wireless access point operates in both standalone as well as lightweight mode.

The Cisco 891, and wireless version 891W, are part of the fixed configuration integrated services router family. These devices are the technical evolution of the highly popular 871 and 871W routers. One of my favorite features of the 891W is that the integrated access point can now be configured as a lightweight access point managed by a wireless LAN controller. The integrated access point runs its’ own software image enabling IOS upgrades and downgrades to occur independently from the software running on the access point. Just like other Cisco access points be sure to order the access point based on the regulatory domain of where it will be installed.

The next question related to if one can field upgrade an 891 router to include PoE capabilities. The answer is yes! There is an internal module with part number “800-IL-PM-4” which includes an additional 48V DC power supply with part number “PWR-80W-AC”. The PoE capabilities support 802.3af or Cisco PoE on up to 4 ports at up to 15.4W.

The 891 also offers a single V.92 analog modem interface for backup connectivity. The 892  variant offers an ISDN backup interface.

For more information check out the data sheet here.

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