Zabbix Open-Source Monitoring Platform

I have tried many different monitoring platforms some of which have been open-source and many of which have been proprietary, and all of which have seemed to miss the point when it comes to being extensible and at the same time be reasonably easy to manage. I recently discovered Zabbix which looks to be the perfect blend of easy to manage while also including all the advanced capabilities that make a monitoring package flexible enough to be useful.

A quick overview of some of the more interesting capabilities includes:

  • Distributed Monitoring (the ability to have remote nodes gather information and push that information to your primary management server)
  • Complex escalation options
  • Agent based monitoring with support for various Linux/Unix variants, Windows, OS X, and others
  • Customizable web interface to allow individuals the ability to create an interface that is most useful and relevant
  • A variety of alerting methods including e-mail, Jabber, SMS, and others
  • A web based regular expression editor to facilitate advanced alerting based on more complex criteria than simple “up/down” type methods
  • Database storage of all data and published API’s for integration with 3rd party tools

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