Open Source System and Network Management Software

This is mostly notes for myself… however, it was a useful post on NANOG that I wanted to keep track of. So I’m listing some packages to manage systems and devices via SNMP, syslog, daemons on the hosts, etc… and of course including graphing of time series data and such too.

Argus –
BigBrother –
Cacti –
Groundwork –
Hyperic –
Munin –
Nagios –
OpenNMS –
OpManager –
opsview –
Orion (not open source) –
osimius –
PandoraFMS –
Spiceworks –
Zabbix –
Zenoss –

NMIS – – – a fork of Nagios – another netflow tool – amazing network discovery and inventory of hardware/network resources – audit tool for different network devices

One thought on “Open Source System and Network Management Software

  1. NMIS should be downloaded form not sourceforge. They up to version 8 – it is UNBELIEVABLY good, can’t understand how or why they have done such a major release and kept it free of charge.

    I have taken out all my HP software and put it in, it’s heaps better and I would have paid $ for it.

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