Speed up IOS configuration parsing

Whenever the Cisco IOS command line interpreter needs to access the configuration the interpreter must first review the entire configuration which can become a lengthy process on devices with hundreds or thousands of interfaces. The following command was introduced in IOS 12.3(7)T:

parser config cache interface

When entered in the global configuration the interface configuration will be cached in NVRAM which greatly reduces the time it takes the parser to out the configuration.

More information can be found here

Query devices by Device Pool

I found an easy way to query the CallManager database for a count of devices grouped by Device Pool:

SELECT     DevicePool.Name AS DevicePool, TypeProduct.Name AS Type, COUNT(Device.Name) AS Total Devices FROM         Device
INNER JOIN DevicePool ON Device.fkDevicePool = DevicePool.pkid
INNER JOIN TypeProduct ON Device.tkModel = TypeProduct.tkModel
GROUP BY Device.tkModel,DevicePool.Name,TypeProduct.Name
ORDER BY DevicePool.Name

For CallManager versions prior to 5.x this query can be executed from the “SQL Query Analyzer” against the CCM03XX database.

For CallManager version greater than 4.x this query can be executed from the command line (via SSH access to the publisher). The syntax is simply:

admin: run sql <SQL Query without hard returns>